AP Physics

Physics is a course that builds on itself. That is to say that principles learned early in the course are needed later. Success will require a sustained disciplined approach. Cramming physics is difficult to do and therefore not advised. By keeping up with the work, you can do well. If you do fall behind, come in for extra help rather than becoming overwhelmed. You can seek help after school, before school, or during my supervised study.

Unit tests will be given as needed. Labs will be performed to hone your data taking and analysis skills. They will also help you to gain an appreciation of the history of physics. Three practice multiple choice exams will be taken each semester. It is for bonus points (up to ten) which are added to your test scores. To improve your overall science literacy, we will discuss current issues in science and how they are being addressed and discussed in society. These issues include the future of energy production and consumption, climate change, materials science and biomedical engineering. The course is designed to give you a chance to be successful on the AP test in May. Currently the class of 2005 has the record with 5 scores of 5. The gauntlet is thrown down. Next year perhaps the class of 2014 will carry the mantle of the most successful AP physics class Castle High School has ever known.

Tests50% of the nine weeks grade
Labs and Assignments    50%

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Grades are rounded to the nearest .1%.