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AP classroom student guide: class code AXZAN3

AP classroom

Google classroom codes:

period 2- u5khjz7

period 5- pikr4dp

AP biology equations and formulas sheet

Genetic code sheet

Rose-Hulman Homework Hotline


1/2- Intro to statistics- HHMI click and learn (student WS) (objectives)

HW: Chi square video- due 1/3

1/3 Chi square lab- due 1/6

HW: Mendelian Genetics video- (worksheet) due 1/7

HW: Advanced Genetics video- (worksheet) due 1/7

1/6- Chapter 8 notes (ppt) (book ppt) (book notes)

Genetics problems (answers) (punnett square calculator) (punnett square tutorial)

1/7 Case study: Blue people (original article)- due 1/8

1/8 Notes

(linkage tutorial) (imprinting tutorial) (learn genetics)

(X inactivation video) (mitochondrial DNA) (pleiotropy)

Y chromosome disappearing

1/9 Tessa (2nd) Notes (5th)

1/10 Notes (2nd) Genetics problems (5th)

1/13 Case study (review): Hypertrichosis clicker study

1/14 Molecular biology lab prep

1/15-1/17 DNA electrophoresis lab- due 1/24

HW: DNA and RNA: Part 1 video- due 1/24 (worksheet)

1/20 Chapter 9 notes (ppt) (book ppt) (book notes)

Optional assignment: Movie: Secret of Photo 51 (movie questions)

DNAi website

Dolan Learning Center


X-ray diffraction link

DNA structure link

Photo 51 link

1/21-1/22 The Case of the Druid Dracula

Optional assignment: Mitochondrial DNA review (NIH) (Learn Genetics) (NY Times)

Mitochondrial DNA from Dad???!!!

1/22-1/24 Genetics lab- due 1/29

Optional assignment: Virtual fly lab (website)

1/24 Mutation notes and interactive lab

Outcome of Mutation

1/27 Review (review question answers)

1/28 Chapter 8-9 test

EC- Thomas and Sally

EC- Lactase intolerance lesson (Got Lactase? video)

EC: Case study- The Mona Lisa Molecule

EC: Classic experiments in molecular biology

HW: DNA and RNA: Part 2 video- due 2/3 (worksheet)

HW: Genotype and phenotype video- due 2/3 (worksheet)

1/30- Chapter 10 notes (ppt) (book ppt) (book notes)

Central dogma interactive

1/31 Protein synthesis/mutation (from gene to protein) (website)- due 2/7

(interactive lab to check your work)

(learn genetics) (wisconsin online animation)

(DNA interactive) (DNA from the beginning) (DNA learning center)

2/3-2/4 Case Study- Decoding the Flu (direct DNAi link)

Optional assignments: Transcription Translation

2/5 Discussion worksheet- due 2/7

(transcription animation) (translation animation)

3D animations

RNA world article (video)

Ribozymes and RNA

2/6 Review (answers)

2/7 Chapter 10 test

EC Case study- The Sound of DNA

EC POGIL- Mutation

HW: The operon video- due 2/12

HW: Gene Regulation video (worksheet)- due 2/13

HW: Viral replication video (worksheet)- due 2/13

2/10 Chapter 11 notes- operon (ppt) (book ppt) (book notes) (Ecoli case study)

Prion article (video)

Alzheimer's and bacteria article

Lac operon review (simulation) (operon song)

Trp operon review

Lux operon animation

2/11 Notes (Nova RNAi)

Expression review

Optional assignment: Case study- Epigenetics

Interactive epigenetics

RNAi internet lab



Virus interactive

2/12 Gene reguation activity (lego pics)

2/13 Finish notes

2/14 Sequencing activity (video)

Virtual microarray lab

2/18 Chapter 12 notes (ppt) (axolotl article)

2/19 Control of Gene Expression POGIL

2/20 Review (answers)

2/21 Movie "Ghost in your genes" (great current article)

Articles: Exome sequencing/ lincRNA/ Epigenetics and 911

Epigenetics and the Halocaust

Short epigenetic video

RNA cheat sheet

HW: Epigenetics video- due 2/24

2/24 Finish chapter 12- epigenetics

2/25 King Tut case study (ppt review)

2/26 Finish case study and notes

2/27 Genome discussion

2/28 Chapter 11-12 test

EC: "Not Exactly..."

EC: Eye color case study

EC: Pharmacogenetics case study


Scouting Report(s)- due 3/5

Brackets- due 3/9

Finished scouting report

Latin binomials

Resources: summary and play-by-play

Bracket packet- due 4/6

Gentics packet- due 4/6

3/2-3/3 Chapter 13 notes (ppt) (book ppt) (book notes)

HW: Evo Devo video

3/4-3/5 Chapter 14 notes (ppt) (Evo Devo article)

How They Cloned Sheep: 1996

3/6 Cloning activity- Learn Genetics website

3/9- 3/12 Fish barcoding lab

3/13 Finish notes- Evolving Switches, Evolving Bodies with quiz

3/16- 3/18 Watch "What Darwin Never Knew" and complete video guide (pdf) (word)

3/19 Review- also see assignment on ap classroom

3/20 Chapter 13-14 test (can take anytime between 3/16 and 3/18)