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AP classroom student guide: class code AXZAN3

AP classroom

AP Biology Equations and Formulas

Rose-Hulman Homework Hotline

Summer assignment (biological molecules worksheet)- due 8/9

Scientific method video

Matter video

Periodic table video

Chemical bonds video

pH video

Water video

Biological molecules video

Semetser 1 Class Schedule:

HW: Read Chapter 1 by 8/12

HW: Scientific Questioning video (direct video link) (worksheet)- due 8/13

HW: Data Collection Strategies video (direct video link) (worksheet)- due 8/13

8/8- Observation lab

8/9- Classroom policy/introduction stations- signed syllabus due 8/14

8/12- Pre-test

8/13- Experimental design with oreos- due 8/16

8/14- CER activity- due 8/16

CER video

8/15- Insect behavior lab- due 8/20

Lab report tutorial video

8/16- Graphing (tutorial)/ intro to statistics- 7 Common graphs/ Statistics "Cheat Sheet"

Think Like a Scientist

HW: Using Mathematics video (direct video link) (worksheet)- due 8/23

HW: Analysis and Evaluation of Evidence video (direct video link) (worksheet)- due 8/23

Lab report tutorial video

8/19- "Bonding with the tutor" (notes) (ppt) (Crash course carbon)

8/20- Water (Crash course video)

8/21-8/23- Macromolecule review activity

8/26- Carbs and lipids/ free energy (notes) (ppt) (book ppt) (Crash course biological molecules)

8/27- pH lab- due 8/30

8/28- Carbs and lipids/ free energy

8/29- Review (bingo-ppt) (bingo answers) (Jeopardy) (answers)

(extra practice questions) (answers)

Carbohydrates video Lipids video

8/30- Chapter 1-2 test (periodic/electronegativity table) (scoring rubric)

EC: Sweet truth (questions) Fat facts (questions) Bats inthe belfry

HW: Models and Representations video (direct video link) (worksheet)- due 9/6

HW: Enzymes video (direct video link) (worksheet)- due 9/6

9/3-9/4- Macromolecule testing lab (chemistry)- due 9/10

9/5-9/6 Protein case study

HW: Molecular biology video (direct video link) (worksheet)- due 9/16

9/9- Enzyme review

9/10- Toothpickase- due 9/11

Enzyme POGIL

9/11- 9/13- Enzyme lab (online make-up)- poster due 9/16 (revised poster due 9/23)

9/16- Poster session

9/17- Protein folding party

9/18- Nucleic Acids/ Review Chapter 3 review questions (answers) Jeopardy! review

FRQ review

9/19- DNA extraction- due 9/25

9/20- Chapter 3 test (amino acid sheet) (scoring rubric)

EC: Enzyme Inhibition (questions)

EC: Hemoglobin vs Myoglobin (questions)

EC: How to Make ATP (answer all questions in study)

HW: Environmental matter exchange video

HW: Why are cells small video

HW: Compartmentalization video

HW: Cellular organelles video (worksheet)- due 9/26

HW: Tour of the Cell video

HW: Endosymbiosis video

9/23- Cell notes (ppt) (book notes) (book ppt)

9/24- Cell lab (streaming video) (ppt)- due 10/1

HW: Case study table 1 by 9/25

9/25-9/26- Case Study- "take two and call me in the morning"- due 9/30

9/27- Work day- finish lab (due 10/1) and case study (due 9/30)

9/30- Organelle lecture/ streak bacterial plates

10/1-10/2- Bacterial transformation lab

10/3- Organelle research

10/4- Organelle speed dating

10/7- Review (answers) (long FRQ rubric) (short FRQ rubric)

10/8- Chapter 4 test

EC: Little Girl Lost

EC: A Different Kind of Stress

10/9- Chapter 5 notes: membrane (membrane notes) (cell signal notes) (membrane ppt) (cell signal ppt) (book ppt)

HW: Cell membranes video (worksheet)- due 10/15

HW: Transport across cell membranes video (worksheet)- due 10/16

HW: Diffusion and Osmosis lab video (worksheet)- due 10/17

HW: Diffusion demo

HW: Osmosis lab walkthrough

10/10- Bubble membrane lab

10/15- Case study Ecstasy and Agony

Transport tutorial

HW: Water Potential video

10/16- Diffusion activity (ppt) (online simulation)

10/17-10/18- Diffusion and osmosis lab

Plasmolysis- part D

Virtual lab- lab make-up

Virtual osmosis lab

HW: Evolution of cell communication

HW: Cell communication video (worksheet)- due 10/22

HW: Signal Transduction Pathway (worksheet)- due 10/22

HW: Effects of Changes in Pathways (worksheet)- due 10/23

10/21- Water potential discussion/Post lab/Calculating water potential virtual lab

10/22- Cell Communication (Gated ion channels) (Tyrosine kinase animation)

(G protein animation) (Secondary messangers)

10/23- video- "How bacteria talk" Symbiotic Bioluminescence Quorum sensing

10/24-10/25- Taste lab

10/28-10/30- Ecotoxicology lab- "Snow Day" (ppt)- due 11/5

10/31- Review (practice FRQs) (practice multiple choice/math answers)

(practice water potential- answers) (additional multiple choice/math answers)

Crash course- membranes and transport

11/1- Chapter 5 test

EC Case Study: "My Dog is Broken"

EC Case study: Osmosis

EC Case Study: Transport proteins

EC POGILS: Membrane function Cell Communication Signal Transduction Pathway

HW: Photosynthesis and Respiration video (worksheet)- due 10/31

HW: The Importance of Oxygen video- due 10/31

HW: Anaerobic Respiration video- due 10/31

11/4- Respiration overview

(respiration notes) (ppt respiration) (book ppt)

Cell Biology Animations/ Biology Animations

11/5- Respiration POGIL- due 11/6

Optional assignments: ATP POGIL Gycolosis and Krebs POGIL OxPhos POGIL- due by 11/22

11/6-11/7- Case study- "Why is Patrick Paralyzed"

(Enzyme animation) (Enzyme inhibition)

(Feedback inhibition) (Glycolysis animation)

(How the body uses fat: Click and Learn)

11/8- Case study- oxidative phosphorylation (Wrestler's dilema)

11/11-11/13- Photosynthesis (ppt photosynthesis)

Optional assignment: Photosynthesis POGIL

11/14- Chromatography lab- due 11/22 (lab ppt)

11/15-11/18- Photosynthesis review activity- due 11/20

Video- C3, C4, and CAM

11/20- Photosynthesis and respiration lab- due 11/26

Online respiration lab- carbon transfer through snails and elodea (video games)

11/21- Review (answers) (Khan Academy respiration) (Khan Academy photosynthesis)\

Virtual Cell animation

ATP cartoon

respiration cartoon

photosynthesis cartoon

11/22- Post lab

11/25- Shrinky Dink review sheet (baking instructions)

11/26- Chapter 6 test

EC Case Study: Sweet Beets: Making Sugar Out of Thin Air

EC Case Study: A Colorful Picnic

EC Case Study: Glycolysis

EC Case Study: Lactate

11/27-12/1- Eat lots of turkey ;)

12/2- Mitosis/Meiosis video (worksheet)/ Mitosis and Meiosis lab video (worksheet)

12/3- Cell Cycle POGIL- due 12/4

Optional assignments: Mitosis POGIL Meiosis POGIL

HW: Submit one question to ask the scientist we will speak with (you may need to do a little research on their work/publications for this)- due 12/6

period 2: Tessa Campbell from Karolinska Institutet- currently studying children with genetic immune disorders

period 5: Rachel Hutto from University of Washington- currently studying the specialized mitochondria in rod and cone cells of the eye

HW: Cell division video- due 12/6

HW: Diploid vs Haploid video- due 12/6

12/4-12/5 Chapter 7 notes (ppt) (book ppt) (karyotyping ppt)

(online activity) (NOVA animation) (inside cancer website) (cells alive)

Khan academy review videos

Crash course mitosis and meiosis

Meiosis square dance video

12/6- Mitosis lab- due 12/10 (examples) (pictures for make-up)

Good article

How the cell cycle works

Control of the cell cycle game (need flash to play)

12/9- "Skype" a scientist

Optional assignment: Cell Cycle Regulation POGIL

12/10- Notes

12/12- Cell cycle and cancer click and learn (student handout)

12/13-12/14- Cancer activity (HHMI video)

12/16-12/17- Case study (review mitosis and meiosis)

12/18-12/20- Final Exam: Chapter 7 test

EC Case study: The Case of the Dividing Cell

EC Case Study: Mother's Milk Cures Cancer?

EC Case Study: Make a Life to Save a Life

EC Case Study: Murder and Mitosis