Dear Parents,


            This class is designed to be a stepping stone to regular Physics or Chemistry and therefore the requirement of a C in regular Algebra was necessary to enroll in this class.  Specifically, I teach the Physics portion of this course and the need for a solid math background is helpful.  If your child is beginning to struggle with the math required, please encourage them to come in for help after school, or to ask more questions during class.


            Homework is assigned regularly, but it is never graded.  Instead, I ask the students to work on the assignment to discover the problems with which they need additional help.  The next class day, each student has the opportunity to ask about any of the questions in which they need additional help.  After adequate discussion of the homework has occurred, the students will be quizzed over the material in that section.  Therefore, it is imperative that your child work diligently on the homework to find their weaknesses and then address them the next day in class.  This format should eliminate any problems with getting upset or frustrated at home while working on the homework.  The “No cry” rule is always in effect! 


            Please refer to the syllabus to see the grading scale and classroom policies.  I would like for you to be aware that your child’s grade will be based on a point system in which all points come from quizzes, tests and class projects.  The class projects include building and flying a model rocket and building a pinhole camera.  Both projects have been huge successes in the past and your child should find them quite enjoyable.


            If you have any specific questions or concerns please contact me at 853-3331.  I look forward to the semester and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have concerns.





                                                                                    Barb Dayton