Integrated Physics Syllabus


Mrs. Dayton


Materials you need for class:



            Writing utensils


Grading System:

            All graded assignments are given a point value.  The points are accumulated over a six week grading period and then a percent grade is achieved based upon your total versus the total possible points.


                        Your total = 350 pts.

                        Total poss. = 425 pts.

                        Percent = 82.3%

                        Letter grade = use scale below


100 – 94.5% = A

94.4 – 89.5% = A-

89.4 – 87.5% = B+

87.4 – 82.5% = B

82.4 – 79.5% = B-

79.4 – 77.5% = C+

77.4 – 72.5% = C

72.4 – 69.5% = C-

69.4 – 67.5% = D+

67.4 – 62.5% = D

62.4 – 59.5% = D-

59.4 – and below = F


The semester grade is an average of the three six week grading periods and a comprehensive final exam.  Each of the three six weeks is worth 30% and the final is 10% of the semester grade.


Cheating Policy:  Any student caught cheating on an assignment, or test, will be given a zero.


Make-up Policy:  Students are given one day for each day missed on an unannounced assignment.  If an assignment is previously announced then the student will make up the work on the day the student returns to class.  Please communicate with the teacher and do not miss the deadlines.


Late Work:  All assignments must be turned in on time or they are given a zero.


Class Guidelines:

1.      Be in your seat when the bell rings.  School tardy policy applies.

2.      No food allowed other than candy from a school candy sale.

3.      Water only!!!  No other drinks allowed.

4.      Bathroom privileges—do not abuse. 

5.      Stay in seat until bell rings.  Do Not crowd the doorway!!!!

6.      Follow rules of good taste:  appropriate language, noise level, etc.



Breaking the rules will result in demerits and possible referral to the office.