Dear Parents,


                One of the biggest challenges for your freshmen this year will be Biology.  I would like to familiarize you with the expectations of a student in my class. 


                Each student has received a school agenda book, which contains the school handbook and an area for students to record assignments.  I expect each student to record the assignments on a daily basis.  As a suggestion, you might check it regularly to ensure that your child is completing their work.  I have had a number of students significantly raise their grades by simply utilizing this organizational tool.  In addition to the agenda book, each student has received a grade sheet to record their scores.  Please ask to see it regularly to keep up on their academic progress in the class.   


                Students are responsible for their class materials and homework.  Each student should bring the textbook, a notebook and a writing utensil to class each day.  Notes presented during class will be very important to their success on a chapter test.  If your child is absent, you may want to encourage them to copy another student’s notes.  Homework will be given on a regular basis and I do not accept late work.  It is imperative that your child learn to complete each assignment and turn it in on time.  If a student has too many incomplete assignments their grade will drop dramatically.  Extra credit assignments are not given to compensate for the failure to remember or complete work.


                Please review the syllabus that I gave to your child on the first day to familiarize yourself with the grading policy.  I use a point system for determining their grade and they will have a comprehensive final exam at the end of the semester that will be 10% of their semester grade.  It is possible to pass each of the six weeks and still fail the semester if a student does very poorly on the final exam.


                Progress reports will be issued during the fourth week of each grading period.  All students should show them to you, so you are aware of your child’s progress.  Please contact me at 853-3331 if you have specific questions regarding your child’s grade.


                Students may come to my room after school for additional help with assignments.  I am available from 2:45 – 3:10 on most days.  Student tutors may be requested through the guidance office and tutoring is done during the super study time period of your child’s schedule.


                I hope that your child has an enjoyable experience in my class and I look forward to a successful school year.




                                                                                Barb Dayton