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Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year. Please see the letter to parents which has the classroom rules and expectations with it. I hope to see you at open house 2018.

FYI: I put each day’s lesson on the website so that students can see what we did in class each day if they are absent. Just click on Spanish III or IV and you will see the daily calendar. Also know that I keep the gradebook updated regularly.

Señora Scott

Please feel free to contact me anytime. or (812) 853-3331

Class Schedule
Homeroom - Room 212

1st – 3rd period Spanish III

4th - Lunch

5th - Spanish IV

6th - Prep

7th-8th Spanish III

Here are some links that I think will be very helpful. ¡Enjoy! -great practice to practice grammar at all levels and more -- to practice conjugating --Colby ed. This site is especially good for upper level Spanish -Quia Spanish. This site has games and activities like Battleship, Hangman etc. It is great for vocabulary and more. --You name it, and it is here. -more of everything Spanish -All about Spain Diminutives and Augmentatives   Relative Pronouns  

Myths & Legends - A free site that is wonderful for digital storytelling.

I found these PowerPoints about comparisons from a really great site on the Internet.

PowerPoint2 comparisons

Madrid's Most Popular Sites

Qué + adjective

Qué + adjective game

Definite Article Uses

Ser y Estar pret e imperfecto

time expressions with hacer

"Hace ..." to mean "ago"

Hacer with expressions of time

PP pasado del subjuntivo/ imperfecto del subjuntivo

frases claves para el subjuntivo y el indicativo con ejemplos

computadoras practica para el examen final

computadoras subjuntivo y mas

computadoras El subjuntivo con el desconocido e inexistente, duda e incredulidad, indicativo con certeza y por y para

sitio de Paco (Faiq) para vocabulario Gramatica Quizlet Sra. Scott         

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